Density Separation

Quality equipment for accurate size and density separation of granular products.


  • Gravity Separators:

    Separation of dry, granular materials by differences in specific gravity or bulk density.

  • Destoners:

    Removal of heavy contaminants from dry, granular products.

  • Aspirators:

    Separation of light material via air classification.

Air Pollution Control

Efficient air handling and filtration equipment for the process industries.

  • Fabric Filter:

    Filtering of contaminated material from process or facility air systems.

  • Industrial Fans:

    Air and material handling fans for dust control systems.

  • High Efficiency Cyclone Collectors:

    Efficient particulate collection.


Superior equipment for the transport of process material.

  • Bucket Elevators:

    Vertical mechanical conveyance of dry granular materials.

  • Vibrating Conveyors:

    Horizontal transport of granular products by natural frequency and differential motion.

  • Drag Conveyors:

    Horizontal or inclined movement of varied products by mechanical chain and paddle designs.

  • Belt Conveyors:

    Horizontal or inclined transport of material by roller on slider bed belt.

  • Pneumatic Conveyors:

    Movement of products by both vacuum and pressure air systems, and either dilute or dense phase configurations.

Process Systems

Superior components for the discharging and metering of process materials.

  • Dust Collection:

    Air filtration equipment for process and dust control systems.

  • Separation Systems:

    Separation of foreign material from various commodities. Systems encompass screening, density, and air classification equipment.

  • Storage Systems and Equipment:

    Storage, handling, and packaging of granular products.